Swing Time

I’m slowly catching up on some movies that were produced before I was born. One of these was Swing Time (1936), a musical starring the inimitable Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, with music by Jerome Kern. As is common in early musicals, there’s not much of a story line — and what there is is rather slow-paced. Basically the movie is a vehicle for music and dance, both of which are well-integrated into the plot (such as it is). One reviewer was so enthusiastic about two of the numbers that she called The Way You Look Tonight “the greatest love song ever written” and Never Gonna Dance “the most beautiful dance ever recorded in motion picture history”; I don’t know that I agree entirely with this hyperbole, but both numbers are certainly wonderful, as is the shadow dancing accompanying Mr. Bojangles of Harlem. Keep in mind that you’re watching a musical from 76 years ago, and you’ll enjoy this a great deal. I’m glad I saw it.

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