Franklin Park Zoo

Spent a lovely morning walking around the Franklin Park Zoo today. I started with the zebra and the aptly named wildebeests, who were running around like…well, like wildebeests, dashing from one end of their huge enclosure all the way to the other end. The kangaroos and the baby hippo were cute, as was the capybara — even though I don’t agree with those who think that it looks like a large guinea pig — but most of my attention was devoted to the primates, such as lemurs and gorillas. If you look really close, you may be able to spot the baby lemur riding on his mother’s back in the third picture below.

I know, of course, that zoos make some people uncomfortable, and I understand what the issues are, but it seems to me that their educational value and conservational value far outweigh the legitimate negatives — at least in the case of good zoos with appropriate habitats. The Franklin Park Zoo is in that category now.


KangaBaby hippoLemurGorillaAnother gorilla

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