Upgrading to an iPhone 5

What a nuisance it is to upgrade to an iPhone 5! I still have an iPhone 4, since I figured I would skip the 4S and wait for the 5. So I went to the Apple Store at the CambridgeSide Galleria, mostly to get a few questions answered. There were 18 people in line, with no iPhone 5’s in stock other than those promised to those waiting. That was OK, as I knew I could order one online (as opposed to  “in line”). A helpful employee (they’re always helpful and friendly) answered my questions and showed me how to place my order online. She said that the phones would be available after 10 PM, and I could then pick one up at any Apple store. So I went home, placed the order, and saved my shopping cart. I figured I could activate the order in the morning, which I perceived as “after 10 PM.”

Little did I know that “after 10 PM” actually means “between 10 PM and 4 AM.” That’s really annoying, as that time window opens after my usual bedtime and closes before my usual waking-up time. Oh well, I guess I’ll have to stay up late tonight. (My students would laugh at the idea that 10 PM is late…)

Update: I waited until 10:01 and re-activated my saved order from my shopping cart. Sure enough, now I was given a choice of picking it up at a store or having it mailed to me. But when I checked the first option, I found that every single Apple store in my vicinity was already sold out…in one minute! So I just told them to ship it.

I can wait three weeks. But it’s still a nuisance.


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