The Party

Just watched an old Peter Sellers/Blake Edwards comedy, The Party. No, wait!…1968 can’t be old! It’s just…well…apparently it’s 45 years ago, so I guess it does qualify as an “old comedy.” Anyway, it’s very funny and really well done, though it certainly certainly wouldn’t be considered politically correct today. In particular, Peter Sellers’s role as a bumbling Indian actor plays into too many stereotypes. It’s not just the accent — after all, The Simpsons can get away with Apu’s accent — it’s also the make-up, the exaggerated politeness, and some of the lines. Otherwise Sellers reminds me of Jacques Tati, with the same sort of physical humor, and the film satirizes executives, racism, and sexism in ways that still work today. There’s a fantastic scene of a party that inadvertently illustrates Murphy’s Law, since everything that can go wrong does go wrong. It’s worth seeing the movie just for that scene alone. And when the baby elephant arrives at the party, well…I won’t spoil it by telling you what happens. Just rent the movie and watch it yourself.

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