Franklin Park Zoo

The Franklin Park Zoo is only two miles from my home, and I’m a member, but I don’t get there often enough. But I had a great time there yesterday — and how often does one get to visit a zoo with a two-year-old? (I suppose if you’re a parent the answer might be “often,” but as a non-parent the answer is “almost never.”) And with a non-whiny two-year-old at that? We got to spend 75 minutes there, and Joe didn’t get tired. Highlights were the big cats — leopard, white tiger, lion — and various primates — baby gorilla, ring-tailed lemur, etc. — and also giraffes and zebras and assorted other critters, including a guinea hog that was nothing at all like a guinea pig, despite the name.

gorilla napping    capybara   ring-tailed lemur


Categories: Cats, Dorchester/Boston