Sea Breeze revisited

Just over four years ago, I favorably reviewed the Sea Breeze Mexican Grill, which had just opened in our neighborhood. This restaurant chugged along for a while, being an adequate neighborhood restaurant but nothing special. My initial enthusiasm began to wane.

Then they closed for a while as they changed ownership.

Usually closing for more than a couple of days is a death knell for a restaurant. But in this case they did indeed reopen, with new ownership and management and a slight change of focus, expanding their Mexican cuisine to include Dominican. They applied for and soon received a wine and a beer license under the new law increasing the availability of liquor licenses, even soliciting (and paying attention to) customer recommendations for wines. And the food became consistently good but still inexpensive. Service is friendly, the site is local…what more could I want? If you’re in the area, go there!

Categories: Dorchester/Boston, Food & Restaurants