New Years Eve at Ashmont Grill

Ashmont GrillLast night, Barbara and I had a wonderful New Years Eve dinner at our favorite local restaurant, the Ashmont Grill, assisted by our favorite server, Michaela Collins. The food was especially scrumptious; the service was superbly attentive (without hovering), as always; and, best of all, it’s the restaurant where I most feel at home. It’s just such a comfortable place, and it overtly welcomes a crowd that is so diverse in all ways: age, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity…there might even be some Republicans there. (Well, could it really be that diverse?)

Barbara had crab cakes and lazy man’s lobster casserole with asparagus; I had seared foie gras, rack of lamb with chard and new potatoes, and a molten chocolate concoction with ice cream. Yum!


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