88 Wharf (once again)

It was time for dinner yesterday, and what were we going to do? Clearly it was too hot to cook — at least with a kitchen and dining room that aren’t air-conditioned — so it must be time to try 88 Wharf again. As you know, I’ve written about this restaurant before (most recently almost two and a half years ago, though we’ve been there since). Barbara and I kept having mixed feelings about it, but it might be worth going back. The sudden torrent of thunderstorms put a small delay in our plans, but all was clear by time we got to Milton.

I started with grilled romaine Caesar salad — at least that’s what the menu called it. It was good enough, and surprisingly large, but look at the description [sic]:

grilled romaine caesar­— white anchovies,grana padano & croutons

Ignoring the odd punctuation with its strangely inconsistent spacing, I wondered why there were no grill marks, no grilled taste, and no sign of anchovies. Oh well. But at least it came with unadvertised greens. Then I had the seafood risotto, which was pretty much as described:

seafood risotto—­ pan seared scallops & shrimp, asparagus,creamy risotto

“Creamy” was an understatement, and the punctuation was no better, but the scallops, shrimp, asparagus, and rice were all fine.

Barbara enjoyed her fish and chips.

Overall verdict: a firm “meh.” Could have been worse. Certainly could have been better.


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