Another joyful visit to Ashmont Grill

Still too hot to cook last night, so we had to return to our old standby for dinner, the Ashmont Grill. (Normally we go there twice a month. This was probably our third time, but who’s counting?)

We decided on a slight variation on our usual pattern of appetizer+entree. But first of all you have to understand that Thursdays are special, being buck-a-shuck for oysters and $1-a-shrimp for shrimp cocktail year-round. So we started by ordering 12 oysters and 18 shrimp to share; I graciously let Barbara eat all the oysters and a majority of the shrimp.

Second, one reason we had to go yesterday (aside from the heat) was that they had Mexican Street Corn! Definitely not a regular visitor to their menu, this special was especially delicious last night, grilled to a turn and slightly spicier than usual. We accidentally asked for two orders, thinking that it was one ear per order, as it was last year. But it turned out to be two ears per order. That’s OK, though, since “leftovers are a good thing,” to quote somebody I know.

Now time for one more appetizer: lots of mussels. Those were for me, since I had given Barbara all my oysters. (Oh. Did I forget to mention that I don’t like oysters?) The mussels were first-rate, with a yummy sauce that contained little bits of chorizo and other goodies.

We also shared a half Caesar salad. Normally that is just about the right amount for one person, but with all these other items in addition we barely finished it. Obviously no room for dessert, but I was delighted that we were taken care of by our favorite server … shout-out to Michaela Collins!

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