How do you get teachers to smile?

Do you smile when taking or grading final exams? Not likely. Those are two different activities, of course: when you take a final, at least it’s over in two hours, but grading dozens of them can get… well… tedious at times. This is especially true when we grade as a department, as we do in the Math Department at Weston. To maximize consistency and boredom, each problem is graded by the same teacher across all classes of a course, even if three or four teachers are teaching sections of that course. Grading the same proof for four or five students is interesting, but grading it 82 times is not exactly my idea of fun — so it was a welcome relief to all of us to come across the note sheet excerpted below. (On the Honors Geometry final, each student may use a letter-size sheet of notes, written in their own handwriting on all six sides if they wish. This picture shows half of one side from one freshman, shown here with her permission.)

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