Cinquecento etc.

For the second year in a row, Barbara and I went to Cinquecento for our anniversary dinner. The high standards of food and service remain (even with a clearly inexperienced server). But I should have checked the review I wrote last year beforehand, as I might have avoided ordering the same things again! Not that there’s anything wrong with that — the carciofi, bucatini, and budino were all delicious — but a little variety is always nice.

This photo comes from the restaurant’s website, but it was actually the view from our table!

That view of the Trevi Fountain reminds me of just how Roman Cinquecento is. Now that I’m retired, I can actually plan to return to Rome in the fall or spring sometime, avoiding the heat and the tourists of southern Italy in the summer. “Return” for me, as I’ve been there many times — it’s my favorite city — but it will be the first time for Barbara. The dilemma will be choosing where to go first, as Barbara also hasn’t been to Venice or Slovenia, and returning to both of those are also high on my list. And then of course there will be new places to visit. Definitely a dilemma. Sigh.

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