Another excellent Asian lunch

A second excellent Asian lunch in one week! Continuing Tuesday’s theme, today Barbara and I went to our local Neponset Cafe for the first time. Everything turned out to be scrumptious. We started by sharing shrimp fresh rolls and beef teriyaki skewers, followed by ramen for each of us: non-spicy ibusuki ramen for Barbara and spicy sakurajima ramen for me. Mine, at least, was astonishingly good — possibly the best ramen I’ve ever had, with perfect textures and just the right balance of flavors. Look at the photos below, and see whether you can tell which ramen is which. Shouldn’t be too hard.

BTW, one of the perks of living in Dorchester is the ethnic diversity. Before lunch we stopped at the bank, which showed what it truly means to be the Bank of America: of the four customer service people there, one spoke Haitian Creole, two spoke Vietnamese, and one spoke Spanish, all contributing to making America great again. I’m sure our dear leader would agree.


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