Weird uses of food

“When my very hairy German shepherd dog got tree sap in his fur we couldn’t get it out. I tried rubbing the sap covered hair with olive oil and the sap came off. Saved a trip to the groomers.” That’s just one of the “weird ways to use food to clean your messes” according to a recent article in the New York Times.

Or perhaps you like this tip better: “If road oil and dust have made your windshield smeary, pour Coke on it. The windshield comes clean.”

Barbara and I have never had a problem with tree sap getting on our dog (you know why), but we always had problems with tree sap sticking to the finish of our car, since our only parking space is right under a spruce tree. Now we’ll know what to do. And we’ll have to try the windshield technique the next time we need it. (I wonder whether it works with Coke Zero.) Read the whole article for lots of interesting and presumably useful tips. In addition to olive oil and Coke, you’ll learn about uses for ketchup, pineapple, and even gin (which is certainly not good for drinking, so maybe it’s good for cleaning).


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