High School SCOTUS

Can high-school students conduct an excellent interview and write an excellent article about it? Anna Salvatore and Joe Hanlon certainly can!

No, I have never taught these two. I have never even met them. But I highly recommend Anna’s blog, High School SCOTUS. In a recent issue, she writes about an interview that Joe Hanlon conducted with Judge Ilana Rovner. Go read it, especially if you think that teenagers do nothing but stay glued to their phones and couldn’t possibly write like a professional journalist. (My understanding is that Anna wrote the intro to the article but that Joe wrote the interview summary. I could be wrong. I could be confused.)

Of course the purpose of this interview is not to teach you something about teenage writers. The purpose is to teach you something about the law, about becoming a judge, about the life of this particular judge, and about some issues that professional women face. But it wouldn’t be the same if the article had been written by an adult journalist, just as an article about women’s issues written by a woman wouldn’t be the same if written by a man, and one about racial issues written by a POC wouldn’t be the same if written by a white person. Identity politics may be scorned by Republicans, but your identity affects how you think and who you are.




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