Yellow Door Taqueria

Barbara and I had an excellent dinner last night at Dorchester’s Yellow Door Taqueria, easily found by looking for… of course… the yellow door. I know that many people consider this a bar rather than a restaurant, but it’s successfully both. A compact space that seats only 14 at small tables and 20 at the bar, it was not as noisy as I had expected (mostly on the order of 75 dB according to my sound meter). Service was excellent, being both friendly and professional. For someone who is not that thrilled by “Cali-Mex” cuisine, I was entirely impressed by the quality of the food. See the portion of the menu shown below to get some idea of the selection. Prices were on the high end (except for a very reasonably priced good wine) for what most people would expect from a Mexican joint, but this is not your typical Mexican place, so the pricing is fair.

We started with the traditional chips with salsa and guacamole; I ate far too many of them. Then elote (two ears split in half): a bit too salty for my taste, but still delicious. Then Barbara had the fried oysters, which she rated as excellent, and a pork belly taco. I went for all my favorite flavors: a scallop frito taco, a duck confit taco, and a lamb taco. Although all were on the small size, it was still far more than enough food! All four were first-rate. All the tacos were built on house-made tortillas and came with carefully concocted combos of toppings, as you can see from the menu.









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