The Bowery Bar

Yesterday it was too hot to cook, so Barbara and I decided to try out dinner at The Bowery Bar, a relatively new restaurant in Dorchester that we hadn’t yet been to. They have a beautiful patio, but we opted to eat inside in air-conditioned splendor.

Verdict: 4 stars.

The first thing we noticed was our unusual table, which had obviously been made out of recycled boards. But what was up with the numbers?

So we had to ask our server. It turned out that they were the backboards on bleachers, with seat numbers still shown.

But of course what you really want to know is how the food and the service were. Barbara had steak tips with herbed parmesan french fries and arugula+tomato salad, as you can tell from the photo. She reports that all was really good, with the steak coming rare as ordered — though the sauce and the salad were not totally to her taste (sauce was a bit “too beefy” and she’s not fond of arugula).

I ordered these four huge sea scallops, perfectly grilled, with an enormous amount of “summer succotash”: Israeli couscous, corn, cherry tomatoes, asparagus, and watercress. Don’t they look beautiful? And delicious!

Everything was scrumptious. Service was perfect: attentive without ever being intrusive. We’ll be back.

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