Barbara and I went to Molinari’s last night, as she had to work late, and JP Seafood (right near where she works) was closed. So we decided to try Molinari’s, which is less than a mile from where we live. Based on a very limited experience (too limited for a reliable review), we found the food and service very good (five-star rating).

Portions are huge. We decided to share a single Caesar salad; I had forgotten to take a picture until after we had each removed a generous serving from the family-style bowl, so the first photo shows what was still there after two servings were removed! Perfect salad, by the way. Then we each had a fettuccine carbonara. Second picture shows what purports to be a single serving, but we could have shared that as well; we ended up taking half of the double serving home. Anyway, it was extremely rich and very delicious. As you see, they added peas to the traditional recipe, so that makes it nutritious and good for us.

The only negative is that it’s quite cramped and rather loud: don’t go there for a relaxed dining experience. Just expect a high-end casual restaurant for a quick and excellent meal. (They do call themselves a pizzeria, after all.) And there’s a surprisingly good wine list, by the way.

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