“The biggest problem teachers have with parents”

The Math Curmudgeon writes:

The biggest problem teachers have with parents is getting them to let go the reins, stop the constant hovering, … essentially to back off and let their children learn in peace.

… HS is the time to learn self-control, self-motivation, learn from mistakes, break away from Momma and get out of bed on their own, take responsibility for their own education …. now, before it costs $30,000 per year.

Amen to that.

Part of me wants to quote The Curmudgeon’s entire post, but I can’t do that. Perhaps I can indulge in quoting one more paragraph, since I can’t resist. It concerns why he doesn’t want to hear parents hovering over their kids and communicating endlessly with their teachersL

Unless, of course, if you’d like me to express my opinions on your ability to cook a nutritious meal, refrain from attending that ridiculous church, comment on your parenting skills, criticize your gun control views, tell you that your kid should be studying rather than having a part-time job, question your support of Trump despite all the evidence, point out that being poor is your fault … and let’s not get into the fact that your divorce from the third man in your kid’s life is really messing her up and causing psychological problems.

In all fairness, I so have to admit something: of all the parents of high-school students that I have met, the large majority have been wonderful — concerned but friendly, caring but letting their kids lead their own lives. But there’s no way to forget the 10% who want to lead their kids’ lives for them.

Anyway, please read the entire post; it won’t take you very long.

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