Greenberg Model Railroad Show

There were some interesting items at this weekend’s Greenberg Model Railroad Show in Wilmington…

But ultimately it was disappointing.

The big problem was the ratio of layouts to vendors: it was much too small, maybe 20% layouts and some of them were lame. I suppose if I were in the market for buying more stuff (and if the internet were less active) I would have been more interested in buying things here, but on the whole it was… as I said… disappointing. But some things were still worth seeing.

A layout made entirely out of Legos was interesting and well done. Nice supply of Walthers structure kits to buy, but prices were higher than on-line. NMRA Hub Division of course had a good layout, but it was nothing new. I did get a lovely 2020 calendar featuring the Ashmont-Mattapan High Speed Line. But still…

Anyway, here are a few photos to show you the highlights of the show. You may wonder what on earth the first image is. It’s actually pretty cool. It shows a magnetic right-angle clamp, which consists of a pair of right-angle braces (one inside, one outside) that stay properly affixed through magnets, thus assuring that the structure you’re building has orthogonal corners.


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