High school students! You can learn linguistics online!

Linguistics is the science of language. While most often classified as a social science, it’s really an interdisciplinary field that sits at the intersection of social sciences, humanities, and STEM – language is such a fundamental piece of our collective humanity that it almost defies categorization.

Linguists apply scientific thinking to analyze all aspects of language, from how we produce and perceive the sounds of speech, to what rules of grammar we know only unconsciously, to how language shapes and is shaped by society and culture.

That’s part of Emma Manning’s succinct description of the linguistics course she teaches online for high school students. This course strikes me as a terrific opportunity that I wish I had had back in high school! Manning has selected a wonderful list of engaging topics, which you can see here. Even if only half of the topics grab you, go take the course and maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what else turns out to be of unexpected interest.

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