If 2020 hasn’t been depressing enough…

Just in case the year 2020 hasn’t been depressing enough, I was appalled to read today that 13% of millennials in Massachusetts believe that Jews caused the Holocaust.

Other related statistics from the study by Schoen Cooperman Research are just as appalling. Read the whole article in the link in the paragraph above to get the details, but here are a few more findings:

  • 19% of millennials in New York State believe that Jews caused the Holocaust.
  • Only 44% of millennials nationwide are familiar with Auschwitz.
  • 10% say that the Holocaust never happened (or aren’t sure).
  • Another 23% say that the number of people killed has been “greatly exaggerated.”

Thanks to Adam Gaffin for the link to this final issue of the Jewish Advocate. While I don’t like their Zionist views (especially their full-page ad for the misnamed Americans for Peace & Tolerance), it’s sad that this newspaper cannot survive.

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