Yikes! Lying with statistics! About COVID! And from Massachusetts officials, no less!

Apparently schools are magical places where kids don’t get COVID. You know, because youth. To prove this, the Mass Department of Public Health has just released this informative graph:

Look at the bars. As you can tell from a mere glance, there are very few confirmed COVID cases among teens and preteens. Right?

Well, no, actually. If you study the “bins,” i.e. the number of years in each age group, you notice that the younger groups each comprise only five years, whereas the adult groups each comprise ten years. My colleague Leah Gordon fixed this for us:

Presto changeo, the longer bars with the same data are now for the youngest age groups! It’s hard to believe that Charlie Baker’s agency would be lying to us, isn’t it?

Thanks, Leah.

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