Are we embarrassed to be Bostonians? Should we be?

Patrick Maguire’s blog, Server Not Servant, is always worth reading.

Those of us who treat restaurant servers well—those of us who consider respect toward essential workers to be an important American value—have been sorely tested by some of our fellow customers in recent months. Maguire’s recent post, Fuck You, #BoycottBoston Boors. #FuckYou, drives the issue home with no minced words. Here is his opening paragraph:

I’ve spent the most of my life living and working in and around Boston. Right now, I’m embarrassed for Boston and the America many of us grew up to (mostly) love and respect. The recent degradation and desecration of Democracy, ‘patriotism,’ and ‘American’ ideals that we have witnessed, and are in the midst of, are absolutely disgraceful.

You are, of course, free to disagree with the covid vaccine mandate that has been imposed in some cities. But don’t take it out on the restaurants! And, in particular, don’t take it out on the servers! In the first place, the rules are there to protect you—and your fellow customers, especially those of us who are at risk. In the second place, it’s not the server’s fault! They didn’t make the rules. They’re only doing their jobs—underpaid, unappreciated jobs at that.

The current combination of anti-science, anti-democracy, and anti-civility actions is disturbing beyond words. As Maguire points out, we can say that “we’re better than that”—but apparently we aren’t. I could go on, but I won’t. Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be a Bostonian; sometimes I’m even embarrassed to be an American.

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