What could possibly shock a German?

You may think the answer is “nothing.”

Except maybe a failure to follow the rules.

But you would be wrong.

By this point you are probably familiar with Felicia Hofner, a.k.a. “Feli from Germany.” After six years in Cincinnati her English is even more fluent—can we say flawless?—and her videos and podcasts contain insightful comments on American vs. German cultures. But her recent video, Three Things that Shocked Me about the U.S., is a little different. In the past she has made videos about things that surprised her, and about things she prefers about Germany, and about things she prefers about the U.S., and lots of other topics, but this one, as I say, is different. She says—and means—“shocked.”

So go watch the video in the link. It will be 15 minutes of your life well spent. If you really need the executive summary, I will tell you below in three concise bullet points the three things that shocked her.

But first a necessary disclaimer. Unfortunately Feli found it necessary to explain, in more than a few words, that naming some things that shocked her doesn’t mean that she hates this country or dislikes living here! It’s okay to criticize what you love. That really shouldn’t have been necessary to say, but of course it is. Sigh.

All right, with that out of the way, here are the three things:

  • the prevalence of drugs
  • grocery prices
  • that most men are circumcised

Does that list surprise you? Do you want to know more? Sure you do. So go watch the video!

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