Gender issues: a perspective from a Russian Jewish mathematician

“My mom used to tell me that most men do not like brainy women,” writes well-known mathematician Tanya Khovanova. Well-known in certain circles, anyway. Female, Russian-American, Jewish—there are a lot of possible identity issues here.

I’ve written about Khovanova twice already this year: on March 10 in my post “Are you smarter than a 7th grader?” and on May 1 in my post “Gulp. Are there (were there?) special math problems given only to Jews?” This time I am giving you a link to her post about genders. I won’t summarize what she says, nor will I tell you whether she (or I) would agree with her mom as quoted in the first sentence of this post. Check out her own post: it’s not too long, and has some useful food for thought for the year 2022.

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