Dan Kennedy is part of the solution!

Northeastern University professor Dan Kennedy is always worth reading.

And also worth listening to—on Beat the Press with Emily Rooney and other shows.

For my just-concluded Quantitative Reasoning class at the Crimson Summer Academy I wish we had had time to explore Kennedy’s recent blog post—titled “Minority rule is destroying the country. Here are some ideas on how to change that”—but alas we ran out of available hours, so I’ll just share it with my readers here. In a short post, the professor not only identifies a significant problem but also offers concrete solutions in terms of all three branches of the federal government. Those may not be identical to what I would propose, but they all deserve serious consideration and thoughtful discussion. Maybe my class in the summer of 2023 will tackle them, now that I have some months to figure out how to work them into the curriculum, and always assuming that the identified problems still exist 12 months hence. For now, however, just read the linked piece and give it some attention!

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