Are we now in the Twilight Zone?

This is not the only Twilight Zone episode that one never forgets.

At least it’s not the only one that I never forgot, and it seems more and more relevant every year, especially this summer. I first saw it when it came out, back in 1961, so it has now been 61 years! That’s a long time to remember a single half-hour television episode. Perhaps I saw a rerun of it once or twice since then, possibly on TV but more likely on a DVD from the library; who knows? In any case I rewatched it now on YouTube.

In case you don’t remember it—or if you’re just too young to have ever seen it—I’ll remind you of the central premise. And of course I’ll be careful to avoid spoilers (always an important task when discussing the Twilight Zone). The basic premise is how human beings respond to climate change, in particular how it affects people inter- and intra-personally.

I think that’s all I’m going to say. If you want to watch it—whether again or for the first time—you can do so in seven parts on YouTube. Navigating from one part to the next is painless and clear, even for old-fashioned types like me.

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