I’m shocked, shocked! Middle-schoolers were hiding Satanic messages in their mural!

Take a look at the mural, designed and painted by a high-school student for the Child and Adolescent Health Center at Grant Middle School in Grant, Michigan, a suburb of Grand Rapids:

I’m sure you can see the Satanic messages.

What, you can’t?

Well, some of the local parents certainly could:

One student is wearing a blue T-shirt with pink and white stripes—colors found on the transgender flag. Another student is outfitted in shorts overalls with a rainbow-striped T-shirt and tights underneath. Parents have said that the rainbow stripes represent the colors of the pride flag. Two other students are dressed in tops with colors of the bisexual flag—pink on the top, royal blue on the bottom and an overlapping purple stripe in the middle.

Well, that certainly settles it. To quote further from the article:

Throughout much of the meeting, incensed parents claimed the artist intentionally subverted the mural’s “Stay Healthy” theme to promote anti-Christian messages.

“It’s discrimination against Christian beliefs,” one man said during public comments, adding that it also qualifies as “hate material.”

A woman called for more school counselors, saying, “When adults pretend things that are like real life, it’s a mental illness. We need counselors. We need medication that’s going to help bipolar disorder. Fix their brains.”

Wanna make some guesses about the town’s demographics and politics? The population is 94% white—no surprise there—but the Trump majority in 2020 was smaller than one would expect: 343 for Trump vs. 235 for Biden. I’m not sure whether that’s a cause for concern or not.

At this point I have no further comment.

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