“Dear parents of math geniuses…,” writes Tanya Khovanova

As a teacher, would you prefer hearing from Parent A or Parent B?

Parent A: “My ten-year-old finished her calculus course: here is her picture to post on your blog.” 

Parent B: “My daughter can’t do math, but I told her that’s okay since I could never do math either.”

The Parent A quote is taken directly from Tanya Khovanova’s Math Blog. The Parent B quote comes from my own experience teaching in Weston—though the Parent A quote was also probably from Weston (or a similar community).

Both of these parents are problematic, though in very different ways. Read Khovanova’s entire post; it’s short, so it won’t take you very long. Then think about it, especially if you are a parent or have had parents. Wise words, IMHO, wise words.

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