Do we still think it can’t happen here?

Ron DeSantis wants to tell me what to teach. And what not to teach. Even though he has broken with Donald Trump, he is following in the Trumpian footsteps. Maybe it’s only half of current Republicans who have authoritarian impulses, but that’s still far too many.

And what does that have to do with the novel I just finished reading? Earlier I wrote about Farthing, the first volume in Jo Walton’s Small Change trilogy, and this post is about the second volume, Ha’penny, which I just finished reading.

Actually I already quoted from that novel, in my post from two days ago. But that was a matter of linguistics, not politics. Ha’penny continues from Farthing, with the same two police detectives but a mostly different cast of fascist upper-class citizens. I found it totally absorbing, even more suspenseful than Farthing, and it was not what one might call hopeful. I’m not sure I want to say anything more here; just read it yourself. I’ll review the entire trilogy after I’ve read the third book, which is supposed to arrive from the library on Saturday.

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