One Hour Photo

Not your typical Robin Williams movie, One Hour Photo is an intense psychological thriller. Most of it takes place in a fictional big-box store called SavMart, which I first thought was supposed to be Target but eventually was clearly WalMart. (I go to Target all the time, but I’ve only once been in a WalMart, so you’ll understand why I was confused.)

How much of the film is supposed to be “real,” and how much is in Seymour’s mind? (Seymour is the photo clerk, played wonderfully by Williams and shown in the still below.) This is one of those “decide for yourself” situations, so…decide for yourself. All I can say is that the rest of the cast is forgettable, but Williams’s portrayal of a lonely photo clerk, who has severe OCD and is probably on the spectrum, is magnificent. This film is 20 years old, but so what?

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