An Absolute Turkey

Delayed post (originally written 11/18):

The Theater Company at Weston High School put on a hilarious performance of Georges Feydeau’s 1896 farce, An Absolute Turkey this weekend. Director and theater teacher John Minigan reports that “the French mother of a former student…had not been aware that Feydeau’s works were widely known outside France,” and indeed I don’t think I had heard of him previously. But this work is unquestionably worth seeing, and I enjoyed every minute of the production.

The best aspect of the students’ performance was their amazing success at the difficult timing demanded by this place. As a farce, it presents challenge after challenge. In Minigan’s words, “The verbal and physical work required of actors in a Feydeau farce is immensely challenging for any actor, and especially for a teenager.” The performers did an excellent job of both aspects, the verbal and physical. I particularly want to commend first-timers Katherine Donahue, whom I don’t know, and Anna Been, whom I do. Along with veterans Alex Engler, Quinton Kappel, Todd Elfman, Brian Cowe, Ben Doyle, Cara Guappone, and others, their skills and dedication added up to create a truly fine evening.

Do come to Weston High School for this year’s upcoming winter and spring productions as well! An original play, scripted by the acting ensemble, will be performed February 28 through March 1; and Gilbert & Sullivan’s classical Pirates of Penzance will be performed April 11 and 12.

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