Midsummer Night's Dream

Kudos* to the Weston High School Theater Company for its outstanding production of Midsummer Night’s Dream the past three nights. Among the excellent cast, I first want to mention Katherine Donahue (Helena) and Anna Been (Hermia), who were exceptionally effective against each other (and sometimes against the male leads) portraying convincingly fierce women. You’ll say that of course girls are always stronger than the guys in high school drama productions, but in this case that wasn’t quite true: far and away the best performance was given by Brian Cowe in his amazingly intense, madcap rendition of Puck. All I can say is, “Wow!”

*I can’t refrain from observing that “kudos” is a singular noun, and it irritates me when I hear or see a reference to “another kudo” or the like. If only more people studied Greek, they would know that of course κυδος is simply a third-declension neuter noun in its nominative singular form. Now I know that it actually looks misleadingly like a second-declension masculine, but… OK, OK, end of rant.

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