Roadside Crosses

Although Jeffery Deaver’s Roadside Crosses is far from one of his best novels, it’s still worth reading — or listening to on audiobook, as I did. As with all of his works, the plotting is clever, starting with an opening scene that will grab you, and you never know whether there will be one more twist ahead of you. This book appears to be more in the thriller genre than the mystery genre, but appearances can be deceiving. They always are in a Deaver novel. Unlike most of his oeuvre, Roadside Crosses features Kathryn Dance rather than Lincoln Rhyme; perhaps for this reason the thin characterization is more irksome than it is elsewhere. But the portrayal of a teenage gamer is well done and keeps the reader guessing. Also, narrator Michele Pawk does an outstanding job in her renditions of many different characters, all of which she manages to keep distinct. So in this case I am recommending listening to the audiobook rather than reading the dead-tree version.

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