I don’t want to sound like an ad…but Dropbox has changed my life. Really.

One problem that I used to have was that I would have different versions of a given file: one on my desktop computer at home, one on my school laptop that often travels to my home, and possibly one on my iPad. Then I would edit one version, and eventually I would sync them…except that the most recent version might not always be the one I wanted to keep. Or I would forget to sync.

Worse yet, I might be at school or at some other site, and the most recent version might be at home.

Worst of all, my only copy of the file might be at home, and I need to find it at school when I have a class in 20 minutes.

By solving all these problems, Dropbox has made my technological life much saner. It has relieved my mind from worrying about the issues described above, and it has guaranteed that the latest version of every file is always instantly available everywhere. Now all my files are stored in the cloud, and any change I make on any device is instantly available on all devices. This change has had a much bigger impact on me than I could ever have foreseen.

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