Ashmont Grill, yet again

OK, time to write about the Ashmont Grill for the nth time. For some reason, attendance at their Wine Club has been getting sparser and sparser each week. Actually, today was only the second time in several months that Barbara and I have attended, so maybe a lot of other people are doing likewise. But we liked the menu, so we decided to go tonight, and I’m glad we did. The food and wine were excellent, especially since I substituted mussels for the clam risotto. These were followed by excellent stuffed mushrooms, a substantial and delicious moussaka, and a very tasty chocolate terrine.

Typically they seat couples together with other couples, which means that meeting new people is usually one of the plusses of attending Wine Club. Surprisingly, I almost always like this, even though I am definitely an INTJ. Tonight we were placed with another couple, whom Barbara actually knew slightly (from years ago). It turned out that we had a surprisingly large number of points in common with the other couple, so the conversation was great. I highly recommend the experience, even to those who are not always comfortable in social situations with strangers.

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