Lobstah Bake at Ashmont Grill

Ashmont Grill Lobstah Bake

Mmm…what a feast! Last night was the much-anticipated occasion for the Ashmont Grill’s annual Lobstah Bake, three hours of unlimited grilled lobsters, tuna ceviche, striped bass ceviche, mussels, potato salad, tomato salad, cheddar-and-scallion biscuits, fresh corn on the cob, wine, beer, and poppy seed cake with blueberry compote and whipped cream. I’m sure I must have left something out.

Some people prefer boiled lobsters, some prefer steamed. But nothing compares to the intense flavor of grilling (for lobsters as for most other foods). Kudos to everyone, and especially to Chris Douglass, the owner/chef of the Ashmont Grill.

Chris Douglass

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