The Cats’ House



What an amazing book! Or perhaps I should say “What an amazing house!”

Bob Walker and his wife Frances have turned their house into a jungle gym for their nine cats, as you can see in this image. But it’s  a normal (if brightly colored) house for the humans as well, as you can also see in the image. The Cats’ House is filled with photos and text, showing both what the Walkers did and how they did it. You’ll meet the cats, understand their behavior, and learn how you can incorporate some of their ideas into your own house.

Skip to the last sentence of the book:

Frances and I still find it amazing that such a simple act, like altering our house to accommodate the needs of our companions, could so completely alter our lives as well.

I’m not so sure that it counts as a “simple act,” but “amazing” is definitely the right word! (I used it twice in my first paragraph, after all.) Needless to say, I loved this book. If you are a cat lover — or just a cat companion — you will too.


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