Extreme photojournalism

Famed New York Times/freelance photojournalist Lynsey Addario gave an intense presentation to students and faculty of Weston High School yesterday afternoon. “Intense” is definitely the word. Never before have I heard eight hundred high-school students sit so quietly and attentively for a 45-minute talk. You could hear a pin drop.

What made it so compelling was the combination of extraordinary photographs of warzones in Libya, Afghanistan, Sudan, etc., along with our face-to-face contact with the photographer who took those photos. Personal stories about being kidnapped and in fear for her life will deservedly hold everyone’s attention.

There was only a brief time available for questions: two minutes! So it had to be just one question. The sole question came from a girl who said that she was interested in going into women’s health issues eventually, so she wanted to know about the causes and consequences of fistulas. “How old are you?” was Addario’s response, as this didn’t sound like a typical teenager’s question.

“16,” she replied…causing a brief pause. Clearly not the expected answer. Addario went on to explain briefly, and then the program ended.

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