Linguistics blogs

So here’s the dilemma, and it’s not an unusual one in the Internet of the current decade. Suppose you’re interested in linguistics, but you can’t devote your whole life to it. Your dilemma is that either you can pick two or three linguistics blogs that you like (and hope that no others exist that you might like better) or else you find a reviewer who can summarize a lot of available blogs and tell you enough about each so that you can be an informed consumer.

Fortunately we have such a reviewer for linguistics blogs: Gretchen McCullogh. She recently compiled a list of 20 linguistics blogs that she recommends, out of the “nearly one hundred” that she reads regularly. Of course her list is not the same as what mine would be, but I don’t have the time or expertise to actually create such a list anyway. So I trust McCullogh’s judgment. You should too.


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