It’s a matter of fact, not a matter of opinion: it’s science!

No, I’m not going to bring up the old misguided debate about putting one or two spaces after a period. That’s because it isn’t a debate. It’s an empirical matter: do you believe the evidence, or do you want to continue with your old prejudices that fly in the face of the evidence? Perhaps you blindly believe what your typing teacher taught you 40 years ago — or what some teacher learned from their former teacher who learned from some long-dead typing teacher even longer ago than that. They’re wrong.

The subject came up recently among some of my colleagues, and even some science teachers thought that we really just had a difference of opinion — even though they would never say that about evolution or gravity or anything else that’s established as empirical fact.

So look: it’s a simple matter. Look at any magazine or book that has been produced by professionals who know what they’re doing. There’s only one space after a period. Not two. It’s a matter of fact, not opinion. “The computer is not a typewriter,” as Robin Williams tells us. (No, not that Robin Williams.)

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