Restaurants in the southern part of Dorchester

In the last year or two the southern part of Dorchester has been blessed with a large influx of new restaurants. Here are some capsule comments on ten of them (yes, ten! — and there are more) in alphabetical order:

  • Dorset Hall
    There’s nothing wrong with Dorset Hall; if I lived within walking distance, I would probably go there often. But there’s also no reason to make a special trip there.
  • El Barrio
    OK, this is confusing. The sign still says Sea Breeze, but it isn’t exactly a new place! It’s the same restaurant, but we assume that the name change was necessary because customers understandably thought it was a seafood restaurant, rather than the Mexican/Dominican restaurant that it really is. Anyway, I wrote about it twice before. Here is an excerpt from two years ago:

…the food became consistently good but still inexpensive. Service is friendly, the site is local…what more could I want? If you’re in the area, go there!

  • Homestead
    Never been there, as I don’t think it’s my style. But I know some people who love it
  • (The) Industry
    This one is the star of the group! See my review from a couple of days ago.
  • Landmark Public House
    We’re going to have to give this Adams Village restaurant a second chance. We went there once — a few weeks after it had opened — and they didn’t quite have their act together yet. Worth a second try, so stay tuned…
  • Lower Mills Tavern
    This restaurant is located in Lower Mills (what a surprise). Barbara and I went there two or three times, and we don’t see any particular reason to return. It’s OK, but there are too many better alternatives.
  • Lucy’s American Tavern
    Somewhat similar reaction to Lucy’s as I had to Lower Mills Tavern: no reason to return. I’ve been there three times, and it was nothing special except for having valet parking. It’s also far too loud and has about 99 television screens dominating all the walls. (Just drive by on Adams Street, peer in, and you’ll see what I mean.)
  • Molinari’s
    Haven’t been there yet. It bills itself as a pizzeria, but the menu makes it appear to be a “real” restaurant. Do they have their wine-and-beer license yet?
  • Next Step Soul Food
    Another one I haven’t been to yet, as they close so early in the evening: 6:00! From the reviews it appears to be the place to go for take-out fried chicken, now that Mrs. Jones is long gone and lamented.
  • Yellow Door Taqueria
    This addition to Lower Mills is so new that it hasn’t even opened yet! But apparently we only have to wait a couple of days, so let’s see. Obviously it’s not going to be your typical taco joint:

…duck confit infused with chilis and Mexican oregano; and Jonah crab, with a range of flavorful accouterments ($4-$6). Coburn-Wood is planning just a couple ceviches to start, including scallop with a habanero-tequila-lime gastrique, mango and jicama salsa, and house corn nuts for crunch…

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