Another #1 for Weston, plus a public service flowing from Weston to Dorchester


Something else where Weston is #1: According to Commonwealth Magazine, “The most generous political donors in Massachusetts state and municipal campaigns last year, perhaps unsurprisingly, tend to live in some of the wealthiest communities in the state… Weston was at the very top. Its 11,261 residents — as measured by the 2010 US Census — gave $374,647 in 2018, which averages out to $33.27 per person. The state average is $4.91 per capita.” Let’s hope that Weston triples this amount in 2019, as there are a lot of good candidates running for President who could use the money.

Also, check out this new club founded by my former student Ezra Odio; I was excited to see that their donated computers went to a school in my neighborhood:

A new club has formed at Weston High School that has already started to make a big difference. Weston High’s Ezra Odio noticed how engrained the use of technology is in elementary and secondary school classrooms now and that students in underprivileged areas might have more difficulty securing the devices needed for what has become a mainstream educational tool in the public school system. After starting a new club at Weston High to combat this issue, often referred to as the digital divide, Odio and Digital Bridges, the Weston High School club he founded, organized a fundraiser held at Weston Field School to provide devices for under-privileged schools. With the money raised, Digital Bridges donated new ChromeBooks to Edward Everett Elementary School in Dorchester

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