Rationality vs. Intelligence

What do IQ tests measure? Intelligence? Something else? Some of us think they measure how well you do on IQ tests…

…and nothing else.

Is that the same as intelligence? And how does intelligence differ from rationality? Read this article, and then take the rationality test embedded in it. Does that test really measure rationality? After you take it, carefully read the analysis they provide; do you agree with it? Did you notice that I have more questions here than answers?

I am reminded of an exchange I had with a student some years ago:

“Why do you always answer a question with another question?” she asked.

“Why do you think I do that?” was what I was tempted to say in reply. But then I thought better of it, since she would probably say that I was being a wise guy. So I gave in and explained why, giving her the legitimate pedagogical reason. Or should have said “Could it be because I am Jewish?”


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