Bella Luna

It may not look like much in the picture, but it sure was yummy: grilled sea scallops with fresh corn, cherry tomatoes, and peaches (that’s a peach, not an egg yolk, in the picture), all served over parsnip puree.

This was at Bella Luna, a restaurant I wouldn’t normally bother to review since it feels so routine to me: we go there at least once a month, when Barbara needs to work late (upstairs in the same building).

Barbara had a cod sandwich, which she reports favorably on, plus fries, one or two of which I stole. Or maybe it was three. For our appetizer we had to have their special curry deviled eggs, since I’m no longer at Weston where I traditionally made deviled eggs for every event. The Bella Luna variety was even better than mine! And for dessert I couldn’t resist the vanilla crème brûlée with a lone strawberry on top. Service was friendly and professional, as always, although the place seemed a tad understaffed, as it sometimes is. A beautiful live jazz trio accompanied our dinner, with no cover charge. When they were on break the noise level was about 78 dB, a bit louder than I would like.

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