Seattle 4: The Food

Seafood and Asian food — that’s what you would expect in Seattle, amirite?

Well, one of two ain’t bad: we did have lots of good seafood.

The first night we  went to RockCreek Seafood, which was spectacularly good. It turned out to be directly across the street from the wedding venue! This was a totally coincidental location — not planned by us at any rate. Oysters, cod, Icelandic char, ….

Friday evening was the non-rehearsal dinner at Taste of India; Indian buffet, not my style but fine. More interesting was our lunch at Café Campagne, which we had stumbled upon fairly randomly while walking around on one of the ubiquitous steep hills. Quite a find! It absolutely made me feel that I was in France in a classic bistro. Barbara had steak frites, I had to have French onion soup and the duck confit salad. Yum! Everything was delicious and authentic.

Saturday of course was the wedding and reception, with an exceptionally well-organized buffet. Not only did they call up one table at a time, but each dish was carefully labeled with all the restrictions that are required these days: dairy-free? gluten-free? vegetarian? tree nuts? peanuts?

Sunday evening we went to Loulay, primarily because it was an easy walk from our hotel (one steep block downhill). This was a classic French restaurant of a different type from Café Campagne — a somewhat more formal restaurant rather than a bistro. Excellent food again, though a bit overpriced. More French onion soup (equally good, though I thought both incarnations contained too much bread), crab beignets, salad, duck two ways, great French fries (with mayo rather than ketchup, of course). Yum again! Unfortunately we were too full for dessert, but we had to look: the real question is whether you can spot the odd difference between Barbara’s menu and mine, where they had made one subtle correction:


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