Jed Sutter

I recently attended a small but wonderful exhibit of the paintings of the distinguished local artist Jed Sutter.

Reflections is probably my favorite. I love the representation of the reflection, of course (and not just because it’s a geometric concept), but it’s mostly the Mattapan-Ashmont trolley that does it for me. As you know, I’ve been fascinated by trains, transit, and trolleys for most of my life, and I’ve lived in Dorchester for 34 years now, fairly near the Ashmont-Mattapan High-Speed Line, as this trolley line was called until last year. (Now it’s officially just the “Mattapan trolley.”) It’s not clear what’s especially “high speed” about this line, but it’s a still-functioning symbol of the past and it’s apparently the only public transit line in the country that goes through a cemetery. So, for all these reasons, this painting of Sutter’s speaks to me. Note the old PCC car.

Categories: Dorchester/Boston, Life, Model Railroading