Gyu-Kaku for the second time

Veering slightly from the Jewish-American tradition, Barbara and I made a second visit to Gyu-Kaku (Japanese and Korean, not Chinese) for an excellent Christmas dinner. See my post of September 13 for a review of our first visit, so I’ll just add a little bit here — plus new pix.

The food was equally good the second time around, but the place was jam-packed. (The hostess explained that very few other restaurants were open on Christmas, although she obviously hadn’t noticed all the Vietnamese ones that were open nearby in Fields Corner.) We had pork gyoza, chili shrimp shumai, kalbi short ribs, bistro hangar steak with garlic sauce, pork belly, white rice, zucchini, and asparagus. Everything was delicious, especially the short ribs. See photos below, but two comments:

  • The image shows only one gyoza, but that’s because the other four had leapt into our mouths before I was able to take the picture. There were actually five gyoza.
  • Despite the poster, Gyu-Kaku is actually in Dorchester, not South Boston! Apparently somebody confused South Bay with South Boston. (Most people confuse either or both of those with South End. As my CSA students know, these are three different parts of the city.)

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