Finally venturing out to a restaurant (outdoors, of course)

Yesterday evening was the first time since the shutdown began that we actually went out to a restaurant to dine, instead of getting takeout or delivery!

Strictly outdoors, of course, at dbar on the patio.

All in all, it was an excellent dinner: food and service were first-rate (although some of the customers were not). Barbara had shrimp cocktail followed by bucatini with clams; I had cheesy arancini followed by salmon with soba noodles and broccoli. Chocolate-chip-cookie ice-cream sandwich (with caramel ice cream) and espresso for dessert.

We had thought that it wouldn’t be as loud as dbar usually is, since we were eating outside. We were wrong. The music wasn’t too loud, but the four 20-somethings at the next table certainly were! Maybe Barbara and I are just getting old; we were certainly the oldest patrons in the restaurant by a clear margin. Now if they only the excellent staff could somehow persuade customers to wear masks when walking around and not to come over to the next table to flirt with those loud 20-somethings sitting there. Actually, a server did eventually tell the three young men who were chatting them up to wear masks and to go sit down!

So, not perfect, but on the balance a good experience. I felt reasonably safe, though not 100% comfortable. I’m a long way from being ready for indoor dining in a restaurant.

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