How many of you are there?

“There’s only one of me!” you protest.

But that’s not what I mean. Co-host of the Unorthodox podcast Mark Oppenheimer discovered (unsurprisingly) that there are others who share his name, and that got me wondering: How many Larry Davidsons are there? Fortunately, Oppenheimer has given us a link to discover how many of you there are in the United States.

So I learned that there are apparently 100 Larry Davidsons (a suspiciously round number). There are also 98 Laurence Davidsons and 99 Lawrence Davidsons. But the results all seem to be jumbled together anyway, if you look at the specifics, so I conclude that all those numbers are wrong. Fake news.

It claims there are 21 Donald Trumps, by the way.

Try it yourself with your own name, but please take the results with a grain of salt. I have no idea how trustworthy this site is, but my skeptic’s meter is reading pretty high.



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